Sunday Evening Reflections:

This has been an eclectic weekend. A bunch of stuff going on!


  • I attended three conferences this past week. The Catalyst One Day conference here in Baltimore was excellent. Craig Groeschel & Andy Stanley spoke. Great ideas about how to maintain the momentum the Holy Spirit has brought our way at LifePoint Church.
  • Friday I attended a conference in PA. It was a conference that discussed how to integrate business into mission. It was an excellent time as well.
  • On Saturday I watched the Idea Camp on my laptop. I continue to be impressed with what Charles Lee is doing with the Idea Camp concept.  It’s free and deals with issues of social justice and compassion. I am impressed with the numbers of young people who are making this thing work.
  • Our weekend gatherings were great. Joe finished out our Restless series. Lots of good stuff over the past three weeks.
  • I had a lot of great conversations with individuals who love LifePoint and are jumping in to make our vision and mission a reality.

Hope your past week and weekend were equally good. Looking forward to another week that I’m sure will be punctuated with thankful things from God.




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