Sunday Evening Reflections:

Four of us spent the weekend in Guatemala City, Guatemala with missionaries that we support in that city. Oscar & Ana Maria Campos serve at SETECA. SETECA is one of the premier seminaries in Latin America, really in the world. I have included a picture of Oscar & Ana Maria. They are dear, sweet people. Oscar is the Academic Dean of the seminary and Ana Maria is the Dean of the School of Christian Education.  We are privileged as a church to partner with them in their world-wide ministry.


Oscar & Ana Maria

It was great, too, going with three other guys. Jeff Kite led our group. George Pasteur and Josh Redding were also a part of the team. Each brought their god-given skills and talents to make this a profitable trip. Our goal was to see how we could best support the ministry of Oscar & Ana Maria. Because of their ministry at the seminary it meant looking at what we could do there to help out in strong ways. We have a list of things we need to sift through now to make this partnership stronger.


George, Dave, Jeff & Josh

I hope you all had great weekends. May God bless you all.




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