Sunday Evening Reflections:

Greetings Everyone,

Had a great weekend! Hope yours was great as well. Below you’ll find my reflections.


  • I attended Men’s Fraternity on Saturday morning. It was a profound teaching time by Dr. Robert Lewis. He spoke on the reality of heaven.
    • Heaven is a place where there will be resolution. Namely this life’s loose ends will be tied up.
    • There will be altered states there.
      • New Bodies
      • New Relationships
      • New Homes
    • Heaven will hold personal rewards for us.
    • There will be new status and positions for everyone. They won’t be the same, but there will be new ones for us all.
    • There will be action and new adventure there. It may even be dangerous.
    • Heaven will be a place of endless surprises!
  • Saturday evening was small. It was Halloween night. At the 6:15 service we only had 4 children. Note to self, next time Halloween falls on a Saturday let’s do something different or special!
  • Sunday morning was electric. For the sermon series Joe preached a bonus sermon. It was awesome.
  • The NY Giants lost so it put a damper on the end of the weekend, but being a Giants fan for 52 years you take the good with the bad.

Have a GREAT week.




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