Sunday Evening Reflections:

What a great weekend. Lots happening. I’m fighting a cold so decided to stay home today. Don’t want to contaminate any of my friends. Hope your weekend went well.


  • Grounds and Sounds Coffee House was simply amazing on Friday evening. I’m sure the effort raised a lot of funds for the kids in Haiti so that they could take music lessons. What a great idea to raise awareness, funds and have a fun time all at the same event.
  • Saturday evening worship gatherings were excellent! Although the 6:15 pm one was smaller, it was more livelier. Joe did an awesome job speaking on Psalm 49. True wisdom comes from having a proper view and thoughts on death and riches. The special number after the teaching time was outstanding.
  • Sunday morning was great as well. I really enjoy sitting in the video cafe. Those people do engage in a strong way with what’s happening in the worship center, and we get a good cup of jo as well.
  • The rest of the day was spent celebrating Louise’s birthday. We had a great time.
  • Consequently we missed the Student Ministry Hunt. However knowing how well those events have gone in the past I’m sure it was an awesome time.

Have a GREAT week.




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