Sunday Evening Reflections:

What a great weekend! Although it seemed like a sleeper of a weekend, a lot was happening. Keep reading.


  • Louise attended our women’s retreat. From all reports it was another great weekend for our women at LifePoint Church.
  • Mom & I had a great Friday evening watching the Yankees beat the Angels. My 85 year-old Mom knows more about MLB than I do. I took her to the airport yesterday and she is safely back in Rome, NY.
  • Church last evening was slim. Our women were gone on retreat and it was still raining. However, a good number of children and great spirit around the building.
  • This morning was great. Jason Fullen — Associate Pastor of Student Ministries — spoke on Psalm 30. What a GREAT time of teaching.
  • I met a number of new people this weekend. Two couples from Heartland Church in Rockford, IL. They are now living in the area. They said coming to LifePoint was like coming home. I met three single young adults this morning, all of whom love LifePoint and the mission of Influencing People to Find & Follow Jesus.

Hope you had a great weekend as well.

Many Blessings,



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