More on Grounds & Sounds:

So yesterday was a popular day on the blog. Lots of people checked out the post by Jenna Layman. Some people left messages on my Facebook page and I have copied and pasted them below. It shows you that if Jenna is behind something like this, for sure it’s going to be first rate and a quality, creative and excellent evening. So please check out the Facebook link at the end of this post.

Jenna is so humble and down to earth, and she will probably kill me for saying this, but she also sings with a very reputable big- band (jazz/blues/everything)…has sung for President Bush – he loved them so much he had the band come for a personal wedding at the Bush compound in Kennebunkport…so much talent at LifePoint that God is using for the Kingdom!

actually- they played for the wedding of a bush relative in ME and Laura Bush liked them so much she booked them for a ball last november-

Love Jenna’s story. How often do you get the chance to get with friends and enjoy a fun evening out while sowing into lives that so desperately need it? The more you indulge the better!!…And when was the last time you were told to do that?! Everyone is invited…Make a difference and COME!

So October 23rd is quickly approaching. Hope you can make it for a very good cause and experience a great coffee house.  Check out …

That’s this leader’s view.




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