The Hills of Furnace:

There are so many of you that follow my morning updates and the descriptions I post of Furnace Hills.  My dentist, Dr. Andy Thompson, had an experience in the Furnace Hills this past week I thought was worth posting. I’m sure for those of you that love Furnace Hills as much I do will be encouraged by his words.

As I was driving along route 31 the other day, I noticed a sudden change in the quality of the air I was breathing. Curious as to what was happening, I got out of my car. It felt like I was walking in a dream, only this was more real than anything i had ever experienced. The sunlight took on an almost iridescent quality as I looked around me. Suddenly, I stopped in my track and gazed upwards at the most magnificent sight. Rugged, snow-capped mountains stood before me in majestic silence. A bald eagle slowly floated by. A rainbow burst into color just over the peak.

All at once, a lightness of my soul made me giddy with wonder. I realized that I had arrived – I had found it. After years of hearing tales of this wondrous place, I was finally standing in…..The Hills of Furnace…..known today simply as Furnace Hills. “So this is what Dave has been proudly proclaiming all along!!!”, I thought to myself. I was sorry to ever have laughed to myself at his daily updates of the legendary hills, which I had never beheld.

So the moral of the story is this: Don’t judge a hill until you have seen it face to face.


So let me know what you think. I appreciate Dr. Thompson’s words on the glories of the Furnace Hills.

Okay, so this is a tongue in cheek post, but I do love the Furnace Hills. It’s a GREAT place to live. Tune in later this week for more serious posts.





4 responses to “The Hills of Furnace:

  1. I’m thinking we are under-utilizing Andy! He should be using his creative writing gift to influence people to find and follow Jesus. (I can’t turn my recruiting ears/eyes off!)

  2. I have a place I call “hallelujah hill”. It’s the highest point on Annapolis Golf Club with pristine views, especially facing west before dusk. I named it that because I catch myself saying “hallelujah!” when my tee shot reaches the peak. But I’ve also paused there to thank God for nature’s beauty and for blessing me with health so I can still walk a golf course carrying a bag of clubs, among many other things.

    Great Furnace Halls visual… the “rugged snow-capped mountains” bit was a dead giveaway! 🙂

    • I think we all need Hallelujah Hills in our lives. Whether it’s a smaller set of hills like the Furnace Hills or larger ones.
      Hope all is well with you Steve.

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