Sunday Evening Reflections:

What a great weekend we had! See Below:


  • I attended the first session of Men’s Fraternity at LifePoint Church. It is going to be an excellent study.  I was challenged in a whole new way to finish strong in the last quarter of my life! Men’s Frat will play an important role in getting me ready to do that.
  • We offered Focus at LifePoint this weekend. Focus replaces the Newcomers Dessert. Although we had only twenty people between the two presentations (6:15 pm Saturday, 9:00 am Sunday) it was still a great time with those who attended. I think we’ll keep introducing people to LifePoint this way.
  • Once again our gatherings this weekend were awesome. Joe did a GREAT job in Psalm 22.
  • An elder attended Saturday evening for the first time since adding the second service. His remark was, “This is like Sunday morning!” I love hearing those kinds of comments!
  • The video cafe still draws a number of people and makes having it open worthwhile.
  • Watched the first half of the Cowboys/Giants game at the Burch home last night. When I watched TV this am found out my Giants won in the last second! Way to go!!!

Well hope you had a great weekend as well.

Many Blessings,



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