Is Networking a Spiritual Gift?

I had breakfast a couple of weeks ago with a guy who is becoming my friend. We both commented on the fact that we have gifts/passions of networking.  We love to network, and many times do if for the kingdom. That makes it even more exciting. I think the twitter idea is a place many of us with networking gifts love to go. It’s like an alcohohic having a hard time passing a bar.  We networkers have a hard time staying away from twitter.

But back to the original question. Is networking a spiritual gift? Here are my thoughts. I would say probably no. However what I would say is that networking is part of a spiritual gift. Those of us who have the spiritual gift of apostleship are natural networkers. Why? Well the mark of an apostleship gift is one who starts new ministries/churches and who is comfortable in cross-cultural settings. What better skill than networking does someone need in those endeavors? Starting new things/ministries at its core has a networking component. We look for people who have certain gifts and abilities to help start a ministry. We can’t be bashful when it comes to talking to people about our vision and dreams of starting new things.

We feel comfortable in cross-cultural settings. Today I was at our local mall. I was standing next to a man at a cell phone kiosk. Since he did not have an American accent I asked him where he was from originally.  He replied that he was from Egypt. So I tried out the few Arabic words I know on him. You should have seen this man smile! It was like feeding my fire of networking. We had a great discussion.  It was a natural thing for me to do. I loved it.

So, although networking is not a spiritual gift it is without a doubt necessary for those of us that have apostolic gifts. In fact it’s wrapped up in that gift.

Just in case you want to network with me on twitter my handle there is @davebaldwin!

See you around!




4 responses to “Is Networking a Spiritual Gift?

  1. The net is also good for sharing gifts of exhortation, wisdom, knowledge, prophecy and evangelism. I also love talking to strangers in lines. It only takes about 2 minutes before I know a person’s life history.

    • Great observations Reggie. You are a lot like me. I always am talking to people in line at the store, airport, etc.

  2. As Alan Hirsch makes a case for the necessity of spiritual gifts like apostles, prophets, and evangelists, he includes the role of the apostle to be networking, cf.

    “APOSTLES extend the gospel. As the “sent ones,” they ensure that the faith is transmitted from one context to another and from one generation to the next. They are always thinking about the future, bridging barriers, establishing the church in new contexts, developing leaders, networking trans-locally.”

    There you go, networking by itself may not be a “spiritual gift” per se, and it sure does look like it’s a part of an apostolic gifting! 🙂

    • There you have it! You said it much better than I could have DJ. It makes me think that it may not be the gift, but without Networking, Apostleship is not a gift.
      Thanks Man.

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