Sunday Evening Reflections:

Well my Sunday evening reflections are getting posted a bit late this week. Lots going on. I hope you enjoy!


  • Not a real hectic weekend really. It rained most of Friday and Saturday.
  • Did p90x on Saturday. It was YogaX! It was awful! Did not do p90x on Sunday. I think I was too worn out from the Yoga workout.
  • Our weekend services were just awesome. Our worship and programming people were doing their excellent work as usual and the Holy Spirit showed up in a HUGE way during the services.  Saturday evening in particular, but Sunday morning was also just very special. We started a new series in the Psalms and Joe preached on Psalm 8. It was stirring and our sacrifices of praise were just wonderful.  What a way to start this new series.  Thanx Joe!
  • By the way, I believe our second Saturday Evening service is here to stay! Once again a very well attended Saturday evening. Thanx to all who attend those two services. You are making room for more people on Sunday mornings to be influenced to find and follow Jesus.
  • Before Sunday morning services started I met with a new ministry called The Hands & Feet of Jesus. It’s a part of our women’s ministry. A number of the women present had attended the Idea Camp of a couple of weeks ago and are really wanting to do something in the area of compassion and social justice.  If you want to know more about this great new ministry at LifePoint jus twitter me and in the tweet be sure to include #hfj. That way I’ll be sure to get it and can answer your questions.  There are great plans being made that will make a huge impact in our region for Jesus.
  • My NY Giants won! Not a pretty win, but we’ll take all the wins we can get. Next week it’s at Dallas. That may not be so pretty!

Well that was my weekend.




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