Sunday Evening Reflections:

WOW what can I say!?! It has been an awesome week.  That’s probably why I haven’t blogged.  Too busy doing stuff to stop and blog.  You can follow my twitter posts on the right hand side of the page.  I did a lot of that at The Idea Camp.

So here goes!


  • A group of us attended The Idea Camp in Arlington, VA.  I would encourage any of you who can attend — even if it’s on line — to go to the next one.  This one was on compassion and social justice.  Nine of us from LifePoint attended.  It was eye-opening for me.  The quality of the speakers was really good.  I don’t mean just what they said, but their character and personal attention to those around them was excellent.  Charles Lee from New Hope Church in the LA area is the leader of this movement.  Please go to to learn more about this unique concept in conferences.
  • Friday morning three of us had breakfast with Dave Gibbons.  Dave is the pastor of New Song Church in the LA area.  What a kind, encouraging soul Dave is.  What a blessing to spend over an hour hearing what God is doing in his life and be able to ask him questions that help us in ministry at LifePoint.  I’ll never forget our breakfast.
  • This weekend we began a fourth service (second on Saturday evening) and it was an overwhelming success.  My prayer all along has been that God would do a miracle and that we would stand in awe of his power and glory through this advancement in ministry at LifePoint.  That is exactly what happened.  It was a God thing.  Many many great stories of people being overwhelmed by what God did in their areas of ministry.  This was the largest attended regular weekend in the history of LifePoint Church!  To God be the glory.  Many people we can influence to find and follow Jesus.
  • After all that, I participated in a fantasy football draft.  My team — Dave’s Giants — is a pretty good one I think.  Of course I have Eli Manning as the QB!  It was fun just hanging out with a bunch of guys that could be my sons.
  • Watched “The Soloist” with Louise tonight.  If you are burdened about compassion and social justice issues it’s a movie worth watching.  It’s a GREAT way to cap off an awesome weekend.

Many Blessings to you all,



6 responses to “Sunday Evening Reflections:

    • I think anyone wanting to work with the homeless should watch “The Soloist”! It’s awesome.
      Hope all is well with you.

  1. Hey Dave, we LOVED the 4:30 service and can’t wait to go back. It worked out so well for our family and we were thrilled to be able to open up room for others on Sunday (although I read on Jodie’s blog that Sunday wasn’t really any less full!). The service was just awesome. That “volunteers” number was incredible. I almost wanted to go back to church on Sunday morning just to watch it again. We have an amazing church!!!! Thanks for everything you do to make it so great!

    • Thank you for your kind words. It was an awesome weekend where we were able to get a glimpse of God’s power and glory. I’m so glad you guys enjoyed the 4:30 pm service. This past weekend was the largest attended regular weekend attendance in the history of LifePoint Church.



  2. Hey–I watched The Soloist this weekend also–good movie.

    So, have you thot of moving to D.C. and commuting to Baltimore? Seems you’re headed to D.C. a lot–but a fun place to be. Run into Lowell by any chance? What a great guy!

    — Carol of the UDBET group

    • Lowell & I are now friends on Facebook. Check it out! He may be your friend if you ask him.
      The Idea Camp was only five minutes on the other side of DC so we drove right through the city! What fun.

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