Sunday Evening Reflections:

What a weekend!  Now we’re on vacation for this week, so may not post too many things this week.  So this is what many of us experienced:

  • What a GREAT Leadership Summit.  This was my twelfth.  I think each year that they can’t get any better and they do.  This year was no exception.  I didn’t have a favorite speaker.  They were all equally excellent.  Taking this week to think through what I heard.
  • A GREAT weekend at LifePoint.  I spoke on the stage that never ends.  That stage in life is having a developmentally disabled child.  I spoke from John 9 and Romans 12:5.  These dear ones are here for a reason and are a vital part of the body.  In fact if you are a Christ follower and there are developmentally disabled people in your church, you are not all you can be in Christ unless you know one of these uniqually gifted souls.  We had great videos of people who are in this stage that we showed at the beginning and end of my talk.
  • Great traveling with Louise as far as Toledo today.  We’re on our way to WI to spend time with our daughter Erin.  Looking forward to tons of fun!

Well that’s it for this Sunday evening reflection time.




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