Sunday Evening Reflections:

A great weekend with a bunch of different stuff going on.  Enjoy:


  • On Friday my nephew Tyler and I went over to the Baltimore Ravens training camp.  It’s a mile from our home.  It was boring.  Someone asked me if we saw a particular player.  I said yes.  We saw them all.  But not much interaction with the crowd.  There were 11,000 people there.
  • Then we drove Tyler back to NY.  We went up to Interlaken.  My home town.  Got in late because of bad construction on I81.  I would not take that route if you are going to NY.  Take Route 15.  Much better and great scenery.  We spent the night in Elmira, NY.
  • Drove back from NY Saturday.  Then attended worship @ LifePoint Church.  I was the service host this weekend.  Had a great time in worship this weekend.  Lots of people and a great service.  Mark Marten spoke in our Stages Series on the orphan and adoption.  Very powerful.  The worship team did an excellent job.
  • Our dear friends Bill & Terri Burke visited LifePoint today.  Bill is the Executive Pastor @ Grace Chapel in Lexington, MA.  We went out to eat this afternoon sharing stories of family and ministry.
  • Our campaign for the second Saturday evening service is in full gear.  Many people are responding and moving to Saturday evening as well as stepping up to serve.  Great feedback from many!

Hope you had a great weekend as well.  Hope your week goes well also.




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