Sunday Evening Reflections:

Lots happened this weekend.  Hope you enjoy my reflections:

  • Our friends from Indianapolis were with us for the weekend.  We went urban trekking in DC Friday and Saturday.  We did tons of stuff.  Here is a list of the things we did:
    • Portrait Gallery
    • Lincoln evening walk 7-9 pm.  Led by a fellow Houghton Alum, Lowell Fry.  It was a blast.  Learned a lot about Abraham Lincoln.
    • Pentagon Memorial
    • FDR Memorial
    • Reagen Building
    • Tons of walking
  • At LifePoint I taught our young adult HUGS group.  What a great time.  We had an excellent time talking about King Saul.  These guys really enjoy talking about God and His plan on their lives.
  • I sat in the video cafe first hour.  Only six of us there.  It was fun to see the service from that vantage point.  It was the 9:00 hour so the cafe wasn’t even supposed to be open.
  • We continue to publicize the new service on Saturday evenings coming on August 29th.  Have a t-shirt we are giving to people making the shift or making it happen which reads, “I’m on a mission from God.”  We gave out over 400 over the weekend.
  • We went to the inner harbor last night and walked around.  Lots of fun!

Well that’s it for this past weekend.  Have a GREAT week.




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