Urban Trekking:

Well I thought this was a concept I invented myself, but when I went on line I even found a site with the address of urbantrekking.com.  So I guess the concept didn’t originate with me.  But here’s how the Baldwins urban trek.

Since this is a trek we only take a backpack with us.  We fill them as much as able realizing we will be hauling them all over DC for the weekend.  Last year we stayed in the Dupont Circle area so left the backpacks with the concierge and picked them up just before going home.  It worked out fine.

We drive to BWI Airport and leave our car there.  We take a shuttle bus to the Greenbelt station on the DC Metro and then we site see all around DC for the weekend.  We find our hotel rooms on price line and have fun figuring out what to do from there.  At the end of the weekend we take the DC Metro back to the Greenbelt station, grab the shuttle bus back to BWI pick up our car and drive home.  I have included a couple of pictures from last summer’s trek.  We had a blast.  By the way the white shirts were fun.  Our friends thought I should start a tour business so the shirts read “Uncle Dave’s Back East Tours” with a funky red bus.  It’s a long story!

Urban Trekking Washington

Urban Trekking Washington

It really is fun to do.  We are thinking of other cities we could urban trek in.  Chicago is on our wish list.  We could do other cities as well.  The cities that work best are those that have public transportation from the airport.

Well this is one way this leader has fun!

Louise taking a break from trekking

Louise taking a break from trekking


11 responses to “Urban Trekking:

  1. Good idea!!! I absolutely loved DC and would love to go back with Howard next time. How much is parking at BWI and how much is the shuttle? I stayed at the Virginian Suites in Arlington for a decent price. It was the hotel of choice for the training I was attending.
    What other hotels have you stayed with? When my mom and I were at the Capitol, we saw quite a few people with family reunion t-shirts touring. Maybe someone (hint, hint) can plan a city touring urban trekking family reunion. Think Barb would come? I think she would love it! I enjoyed your blog about your dad.

    • Paula! My thoughts exactly! Wouldn’t we have fun? I’ll start working on something. To Park @ BWI is $20/day. But it’s safe! The shuttle bus is $5.00. We used price line for our the last three urban treks. We are staying in four star hotels for $70/night. We are staying at the Hotel Monaco this time.

      The t-shirts are no problem at all. We can get plenty of them. That would get Aunt Barb to come!

      So who do you work with that brings you the DC for training?

      Have a GREAT evening.

  2. Wow–I made it into one of your blog entries. How fun! Can’t wait to do more trekking with the UDBET gang!!!

    • I’m going to have to have a hall of fame for my blog! You’d qualify Carol that’s for sure!

  3. It was a very good 3 day teacher training offered at the Red Cross national headquarters in Washington – Exploring International Law – Have a great time in Washington. We intend to return next spring.

  4. Mike and I used to do a similar thing before we had kids. It was so much fun, and much more my style than hiking in the forest. 🙂 I love cities, and I love people, so it was always so much fun. We would find cheap hotels online. I never did Priceline, but we were able to find hotels for about $50 a night. We haven’t done it nearly as much with the kids. We would need to get two hotel rooms because going to bed at 7:30 pm when the kids do isn’t that much fun! Have you ever tried long-term parking? It’s a lot cheaper. We’ve done it when we’ve flown out of BWI and never had any problems.

    • Hey you guys are going to need to get a sitter and we’ll have to go and do it together! That would be so fun. I am a bit sore and tired today, but we did have a blast.
      Saw you guys from a distance yesterday. Sorry we didn’t connect. Say Hi to Mike for me.

    • We’ll have to get one posted of the six of us now! More fun! What fun! Anyway. It was an awesome time this year.

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