Sunday Evening Reflections:

It was a great weekend for the Baldwins and LifePoint Church.  Hope yours was as well.  Enjoy reading my reflections.

  • Noon on Saturday sent a team of musicians off to North Africa.  These are pioneers going to a place that can be hard.  I was proud of them all.
  • Cleaned up the house.  We have company coming this week.  Really looking forward to that.  We are going to do some urban trekking in DC (That’s a post in and of itself).
  • Saturday evening and Sunday morning worship gatherings at LifePoint were great!  We are in our stages series for the summer.  Joe did a teaching on the Marriage Maze this weekend.  We started the service off with a really funny video.  You can access it on the web at  I’m sure we purchased it.  A great sermon though.  What if marriage isn’t about happiness and compatibility, but becoming more like Jesus?  Think about it.
  • We keep talking about our second Saturday evening service to start August 29th.  We want everyone to be on a mission from God!  It’s starting to take hold.  With God’s help we ARE going to make it!
  • Saturday evening we had a great Vantage Point picnic at Mike & Ann’s with several international families.  Lots of fun!
  • Many good conversations with Louise and others at LifePoint.  We continue to be experiencing the time of our lives here.

Well that’s this leader’s view.




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