Furnace Hills:

A number of you wanted to see pictures of the Furnace Hills of Maryland.  I am afraid to inform you my descriptions may are more glamorous than the pictures you will find below.  Now you need to know that I like to be around people.  I do like the wide open spaces, but given my choice I like highly peopled areas.  I guess you could say I am more of an urban dweller than country.  Although I did grow up in the country.  But it was a weird set-up.  We had a night club across the road from us and then at a four corners we could see we also had an all-night gas station and a tastee freeze that was open till midnight.  So when we went to bed we had to close our shades to keep the light out.  The night club sign was a flashing neon sign that went on till 3:00 a.m.  So my idea of beauty and serenity are probably much different than yours.  From time-to-time I’ll try to put more pictures of my beloved Furnace Hills on the blog.

Furnace Hills

Furnace Hills

More of Furnace Hills

More of Furnace Hills

That’s this leader’s view.




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