Wasabi Gospel:

Okay, drum roll, here’s the long awaited review of Shawn Wood’s book Wasabi Gospel.  Before I share my review let me just state a couple of things.  First, obviously Shawn would like you to buy the book.  And I also think you should.  And what we are trying to do is have people buy his book all on the same day.  It’s called a Book Bomb on Amazon!  Let’s all buy a book today.  It will give the book visibility.  Follow this link to Amazon.com  (http://www.amazon.com/gp/entity/-/B001JSAWAU)

Second, I think this guy is worth following so I’m including a link to his blog.  I would encourage you to check it out as well (www.shawnwoodwrites.com).  Or you can just click on Shawn’s name on my blogroll and you’ll be taken to his blog.

So now on with the review:

Do you know what wasabi is?  I knew what it was, have even tasted it and enjoyed it in limited amounts, but didn’t know what it was called.  Well you can tell by the picture on the front of the book, it’s that green stuff you put on sushi.  And if you put too much on your sushi I guess you won’t need sinus surgery any time soon.  It’s really hot stuff.  It not onlywasabiweb2 makes your eyes water immediately, but your nose runs as well.  And taken in large quantities it’s like someone has kicked you in the gut.  Well that’s the basis of the book in a sense.  The gospel at times kicks us in the gut!  When we realize the message of the gospel it takes us to our knees.  It turns our world upside down.

Now the book is written in a very engaging style.  Shawn tells stories and it really is an easy read.  But don’t let that fool you.  I believe many of us have become too complacent concerning certain claims the gospel has on our lives.  Shawn takes those areas of the gospel and unpacks them for us, and we are hit with the profound message of the wasabi gospel.  We’ve been eating the gospel without the wasabi.  In fact some of the topics that are covered in the book are keys to why the gospel has lost it’s punch and appeal in the west (my opinion).

The first chapter deals with the huge issue of forgiveness in the Christian life.  I thought about how we as Evangelicals have become known as mean spirited.  We don’t forgive our enemies.  We don’t pray for them.  We want mercy, but want others to receive their rightful punishment.  Shawn goes right for the jugular.  He’s not only talking about the guy who cuts us off in traffic, but political figures and even terrorists.  Our inability as Evangelicals to forgive and pray for our enemies has given us a black eye (My opinion again.).  Well Shawn uses the Wasabi Gospel to give us a kick in the gut about issues like these.

I thought I was scott free reading the book.  In fact Shawn was saying things I had been thinking about for quite some time.  Some of these topics were hobby horses I was riding with friends and colleagues.  Then my wasabi experience came in the chapter on wealth.  The wasabi for us who are rich.  He informs the reader that if your family makes over $35,000/year you are among the world’s rich.  In fact you are richer than 95% of the people in the world.  By those standards I am filthy rich.  And you know what the gospel says about the rich?  Even how hard it is for a rich person to enter the kingdom.  That has cost me more than the price of this book since reading that chapter.

You see, here’s the point of Wasabi Gospel.  When the wasabi hits you, whether in forgiveness, or dependency on God, or how we raise our children, or wealth, or loving those who are sinful, you need to do something about it.  Shawn doesn’t give you an out.  So, beware, if you don’t want your life changed by the wasabi gospel, don’t read the book.

I said this book was an easy read.  Each chapter opens with an engaging journal entry by a person named Laura.  It draws you into the topic of the chapter.  Yet I wrote earlier it’s also a profound read.  I believe the subject of this book is a key to the fulfillment 0f  Great Commission.  If we were all changed by the wasabi gospel the world would see a huge difference in us Evangelicals and many would be attracted to the gospel we profess.

Well that’s my review of the Wasabi Gospel.  Now go buy a copy for yourself.  Be careful, it will change your life!

That’s this leader’s view.




7 responses to “Wasabi Gospel:

  1. Just reading your review was convicting. God’s word is always living and active. The problem is that so view Christians are reading the Bible, they’re not just missing the wasabi, they’re missing the main course.

    • Ouch, you are right Reggie! Wish I had thought of that for the review. I just ordered my copy of Wasabi Gospel. I’m looking forward to reading it again.

  2. Great review Dave. Funny thing, I bought the book before I finished the first paragraph. I love the premise, and love a good spiritual slap in the face now and then. I’m ready for some Wasabi!

  3. Excellent review, m’friend. But I don’t know whether to thank you or what…because now I’m forced to read the rest of them on a day when I should be workin’! LOL

    • Thanks for your kind words Loree. Hope you have a GREAT day. I also need to unplug. This is my day off and have lots to do to get ready for company. I would enjoy continuing our conversation about book writing. As I said I have this idea for a book now. I also want to read yours.

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    • Hey Shawn,
      Thanks for calling me your friend! Hope you had a great vacation.
      PS: I meant everything I wrote about Wasabi Gospel!

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