God’s Leadership Style:

As I remind us all every-other-week I contribute to another blog — Sixty-Six Books in a Year.  It’s a group of us reading through the Bible together.  Well today is my day to contribute, so I am placing that post on A Leader’s View as well.  Put some E.S. Posthumus on while you read it.  It makes it somehow more grand!

Don’t forget to visit tomorrow, I am reviewing Shawn Wood’s book Wasabi Gospel.  It is an awesome read and I hope you’ll buy the book.  Blessings on you today!


Psalm 76:

1In Judah God is known;
his name is great in Israel.
2His abode has been established in Salem,
dwelling place in Zion.
3There he broke the flashing arrows,
the shield, the sword, and the weapons of war.

4Glorious are you, more majestic
than the mountains of prey.
5The stouthearted were stripped of their spoil;
they sank into sleep;
all the men of war
were unable to use their hands.
6At your rebuke, O God of Jacob,
rider and horse lay stunned.

7But you, you are to be feared!
Who can
stand before you
when once your anger is roused?
8From the heavens you uttered judgment;
the earth feared and was still,
9when God arose to establish judgment,
to save all the humble of the earth.

10Surely the wrath of man shall praise you;
the remnant
of wrath you will put on like a belt.
11Make your vows to the LORD your God and perform them;
let all around him
bring gifts
to him who
is to be feared,
12who cuts off the spirit of princes,
is to be feared by the kings of the earth (English Standard Version).


How magnificent our Lord is!  He is to be highly revered by us.  We are to fear Him.  I am not sure that only means hold Him in awe, but to be fearful of Him.  He is a great God and does great things for His people and does great things against His enemies.  If a mountain scene or majestic ocean scape overwhelms us how much more should the thought of our God.  Verse four captures that thought when the Psalmist writes, Glorious are you, more majestic than the mountains of prey. He is more glorious and powerful than we could ever imagine.


How many times do I treat God casually?  I don’t realize the danger that lurks in the relationship I have with Him.  I see Him as a need provider, a blessor of my plans and a big brother in times of need.  But when I read through Psalm 76 I realize He is much more than that.  He is a God who demands our unflinching allegiance and worship.  The most beautiful majestic sight in the universe is not a mountain scene or sea scape we enjoy, but the very God we worship and owe our very being to!  I take the relationship He has initiated with me way too lightly.  I need to once again re-affirm my faith and trust in Him and worship Him for the ferocious God He is.  I need to pledge my undying allegiance to Him all over again!


Father God I worship You for the Great God of the universe that You are.  I re-affirm my love and allegiance to You anew today.  You owe me nothing, I owe You everything.  I pray that I would love and honor You with all I have.  I am sorry for the ways I have treated you lightly, for the ways I have taken you for granted.  In this moment I am wholly Yours.  I pray that I would bring honor to You because of your majesty and power.  I pray these things in the strong name of Jesus, Amen!



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