Sunday Evening Reflections:

We had a great fourth of July weekend at LifePoint and for the Baldwins personally.  Check below:

  • We drove to Doylestown, PA on Saturday to finish emptying out Mom Simons’ apartment at Heritage Towers.  Linda — Louise’s sister — was there with her children.  The whole process has been bitter/sweet.  We are glad Mom is with Jesus, but we sure do miss her.
  • We got home in time to go to church Saturday evening.  Adam Workman did a great job in our Stages series teaching about how to survive the blur years in your life.  Young kids was the topic!  Glad we survived those years.
  • We turned down one invitation for a July 4th evening thinking we wouldn’t be back in time.  We did end up going over to a staff member’s home to watch fireworks in Westminster though.  Good time with a bunch of friends.
  • Sunday @ LifePoint was great.  Adam continued to do a great job.  We had accoustic worship.  An accoustic guitar and percussionist (bongos, etc.).  I was wondering where my cappicino was.
  • The cafe continues to be a big draw.  The experience keeps getting better & better each week.
  • Had an impromptu counseling session in the evening.  Lots of people are being effected by this bad economy and need to figure out what’s most important in life.

Be sure to stop by on Wednesday.  I’m reviewing Shawn Wood’s book Wasabi Gospel.  It has been a great read.  I recommend it!

See you tomorrow.




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