It’s Easy to Lead When …

When you have a GREAT Team!!!  Yesterday at staff meeting we started in the War Room.  Now the War Room is a place where we have charts up for how many people resources we need to begin our second Saturday evening service on August 29th.  So we need 100 families to move to Saturday evening.  We need 128 new children’s workers.  We need 15 new youth workers.  We need 12 new HUGS (our special needs ministry) workers.  We need 60 new guest services workers.  What a challenge.  So I turned one of our offices into a war room!  We started filling in the blank lines yesterday.  Well look at the picture I have included.  This is how Jason and Adam showed up for the meeting.

Jason & Adam

Jason & Adam

Don’t you love it!  They were into it big time.  Jason was even playing a war song on his iphone.  What a hoot!  But deeper, it was just a great way to start the war we are waging to start a second Saturday service.  These guys are into it.  It ‘s easy to lead when you have guys like this on your team!  Thanks guys!

That’s this leader’s view.




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