Thelma Josephine Johnson Simons July 16, 1914 to June 24, 2009

My blog has been silent this past week.  At 3:00 pm last Wednesday my mother-in-law Thelma (Teddy) Simons passed away.  She was several weeks shy of her 95th birthday.  She was a godly woman who was a model for many in her family.  Out of the 47 family members that could have attended her memorial service, 40 were present.  The whole family came together and spent time reminiscing and sharing and cleaning out Mom’s belongings.

No More Stuff:

It hit me as we were going through Mom’s possessions that she didn’t have to worry about stuff anymore.  She just put her head down on her stamping table and she was gone.  She was with the Lord.  No more having to keep track of stuff.  In one brief moment she was freed from all the stuff that keeps us occupied most of our lives.  She lived in three rooms and had two large closets.  It took the family four days to work out who got what and how to divide up her things.  Don’t get me wrong, she was very organized.  Her apartment was in immaculate condition.  No messes and it still took the daughters four days to dispose of the stuff in that small apartment.

Church Member for 75 Years

Mom along with Dad and Dad’s brother came to Christ in 1930 during revival meetings at First Baptist Church of Doylestown, PA.  Mom joined the church a couple years later and has been a member of that church ever since.  The startling thing is her brother-in-law (Uncle Bill) joined six weeks earlier than Mom did, so she didn’t hold the record of being the longest standing member of First Baptist.  Does that ever happen anymore?  Mom taught a women’s Bible study.  She worked in hospitality ministries.  She was fully engaged in the ministry of First Baptist.  She was on the pulpit committee that brought at least one of the pastors to First Baptist.  What a legacy of ministry she leaves behind!

A Grand Home-Going

So last Wednesday, June 24th, she was found at about 4:45 pm at her stamping table with her head laid peacefully on the desk.  Her July calendar was open.  We all figure she was getting ready to work on July birthday cards when the Lord took her.  What I think happened was she was sitting there and was startled by a rather bright figure in front of her.  He was the angel of death.  I think to those who don’t follow Christ he comes more like the grim reaper, but to Christ followers he comes as a bright white angel.  She looked at him and asked, “Is it time?”  He answered, “Yes, just put your head on the table and it will be over in a second.”  The next second she was in the presence of Jesus.  He stood there His hand extended and she heard the words we all long to hear, “Well done, well done Thelma Josephine Johnson Simons!  You have been a faithful servant.  Come experience your rest.”

We’ll miss Mom.  She leaves a hole in our lives.  But we know she is with the Lord, and Dad and all those who have gone on before.  Some day we’ll all be together again.




4 responses to “Thelma Josephine Johnson Simons July 16, 1914 to June 24, 2009

  1. Dave — Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your mother-in-law. I only met her twice, but in those few hours I could tell she was a special and genuine person–and fun as I we played games. 🙂 What a hole her going home must leave for you and Louise, but what a blessing her life has been. Praying for you both. Love, Carol.

  2. Thanks so much Carol. We’ll have to play a game or two in her honor when you guys come. Not too long now!

  3. It was a pleasure. I couldn’t tell any mother-in-law jokes on Louise’s Mom. She was a godly woman who had an impact on many.

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