George P. Baldwin, Jr.

So today’s Father’s Day!  Happy Father’s Day to you fathers reading this.  I wanted to share a bit about my father today.  My cousin Diane sent me a bunch of pictures of Dad and I tried to scan them and put them on this blog.  Alas, the best of my efforts weren’t good enough.  So I’ll have to work on doing it again sometime.

My Dad was the oldest of eight children.  Three of his siblings are still alive.  One died only being several days old.  My Dad was an electrical engineer.  He was a bit of a wander-lust.  We moved around a lot.  When he died we were living in Interlaken, NY.  I was nine years old and the oldest of four children.  My Mom’s Dad died the same day as my Dad, March 1, 1960.

I remember Dad’s love for his family.  My Mom tells us stories about Dad.  Memories fade over time, but Mom tells us how much Dad loved us.  How proud he’d be of us.  There are two stories I want to share about my Dad.  One will let you know that he was a techie before his time.  The other his love for God.

When we lived in Norwich, NY my Dad and I were cleaning out the attic in the home we lived in.  I was probably 7 years old.  We were going through a box of electrical stuff.  Dad held up a flat faced electrical test tube and said to me, “You know David, some day they’ll make television sets this small.”  I don’t know why I remember that, but I do.  If Dad were alive today, he’d be the oldest techie around.  He’d be on twitter, he’d own an iphone.  He’d be ready to go.

My Dad was an elder in our church in Interlaken.  The last elder meeting he attended before dying there was some debate among the elders as to what direction the church needed to move in.  After much discussion my Dad stated that it didn’t much matter what individual elders thought or wanted to do, the issue before them was what did God want them to do.  He was a man who followed strong after God.

I’ll remember those two stories and others that made him a Dad I am proud to call mine.  Some day we’ll all be together again, and that will be some day!  I look forward to seeing him again, and just spending some un-interrupted time with him.

That’s this leader’s son’s view.



As a postscript: I think my Dad may have stopped at the North Platte Canteen (see earlier post, “Stepping Forward”).  He would have had to have gotten from NY to CA before leaving for the South Pacific.  If he did that would have been really cool.  I want to go to North Platte some day just to look through the guest book to see if he signed it.


2 responses to “George P. Baldwin, Jr.

  1. Good job Dave. I am glad that you remember that much about your father.

    He was a good husband and father. He did love God. He was saved while in the service during WWII. He was listening to the “Old Fashioned Revival Hour” from California. Charles Fuller, founder of Fruller Seminary was the speaker every Sunday night at nine o’clock EST. The Hiltbrands and I used to listen to him speak.

    God bless you for writing this about your father.

    • Hey Mom, Thanks for the extra information about Dad. Hope all is going well in packing up the house. Sorry we can’t be there this Friday.
      Love you Lots!

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