And the Winner Is…

Well I got finished with jury duty a little early today so can share with you the winners — yes winners (plural) — of Kem Meyer’s book, Less Clutter. Less Noise.: Beyond Bulletins, Brochures and Bake Sales.   All three comments about how individuals would use the answer Kem gave were excellent.  I am going to post the two winner’s comments here.

Kem's Book

Kem's Book

 First, I thought Tasha DeLavergne’s comment was excellent.  Tasha is the Director of Communications at Church at the Crossing (  in Indianapolis, IN.  What I liked best about Tasha’s comment was the practicality of it.  She said she was going to pass Kem’s answer on to her pastoral staff.  Here’s her comment:

What a helpful post! Excellent question Mr. Baldwin…so glad I checked your blog today. I have recently stepped in as communications coordinator at my church and am trying to help direct some paradigm shifts in communication, and I’ve saved these eight tips and am planning on sending them to our staff as a great guide to more effective ways to communicate.

So Tasha gets a book.  I’ll send it off to you next week Tasha.  Thanks so much for your comment.  I hope the pastoral staff at Church at the Crossing learns as much from Kem’s answer as I did.

Our second winner is Adam Workman.  Adam’s role is Pastor of Community Groups at LifePoint Church ( in Reisterstown, MD.  Yes Adam is a colleague of mine.  However, he did have a great answer, so I felt he deserved a book.  Since I had already bought a copy of Kem’s book, I felt like I could give two away.  Steve also gave a great comment, and I will give my copy to Steve once I finish reading it.  He is an attendee of LifePoint and works for the government.  I like his comment about how Kem’s ideas could have been used in a meeting at the Pentagon he attended.

Here’s Adam’s comment:

Okay, I was going to be ambitious and respond to all eight, but decided that wasn’t realistic. If I can take and work one of these it will go a long way. I am contextualizing the answer to meet me where I am as a Small Groups Pastor, not as service host making announcements. “People aren’t motivated by your need” struck me, so, here goes.

One of the dangers in leading a ministry is to feel, and then carry, the full burden of finding and developing volunteers. I think one of the reasons leaders often come across as “desperate” to find volunteers is because good leaders have a passion for what they lead and are wholly committed to see the vision realized. The problem is when we place the burden squarely on “us” and miss the bigger picture.

Here’s the bigger picture, and where I’ll make my personal application. It’s God’s work to call someone into a particular ministry. He’s gifted them, uniquely skilled them, built into them passions, life experiences, desires, and a personality all their own. He knows where they would best fit in ministry, I need to trust that. I need to trust that He is working to accomplish His purposes, trust that He loves people, and His Church far more than I ever could, and is more committed to see life change happen than I ever will be. I need to turn the desperation I have for small group leaders to surface away from a frantic search into faithful supplication.

So, instead of communicating self-centeredness, and glazing over the simple fact that people have needs of their own I want to:

1. Communicate with God asking Him to prompt people with the passion and gifts that match my area of ministry to sense the opportunity and then engage.
2. Communicate the opportunity that is uniquely one-of-a-kind and life-changing, not only for the volunteer, but for the influence they will have in the lives of others.
3. Communicate how this opportunity will do far more for them than it will me.
4. Communicate real-life stories of transformation experienced by others who chose to serve.

That’s my stab at it. Thanks to Kem for taking the time to answer Dave’s question, and for providing awesome insight and material free of charge! I hope I did justice to your insight and didn’t completely hijack it’s context. The other seven are great too, and I plan on looking deeper into them as well.

So there you have it.  I want to thank Kem once again for including A Leader’s View in her blog tour.  It was a real privilege to participate.  If you want more information about her book you can click on the title above or go to her blog (it’s listed on my blogroll).

My jury duty has created a month’s worth of blogs so you will be hearing more about that once I’m done (Next Thursday is when it is supposed to done.).  So, my blogging may be a little sporatic till then.  I also have to write about life long mentors I have had and continue those posts here.  

That’s this Leader’s View.




3 responses to “And the Winner Is…

  1. Thank you so much Dave!! I am so thrilled and grateful to receive this book! I hope you had a great week with your family, and though I’m sure it’s difficult to see them go, I’m sure glad to have Mandy back! Thanks again!

  2. Not a problem Tasha. Mandy says you are the person for the communications role at Church At The Crossing. It will be great to watch you grow and flourish in that position.
    Hope you get a lot out of Kem’s book.

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