Jury Duty:

Greetings Everyone,

I want to thank so many of you for stopping by The Leader’s View this past weekend.  I thought Kem’s answer to my question was just great!  Several of you left comments on how you could see or how you would plan on using her advice in your situation.  I’ll be thinking about your comments these next couple of days.  However, I do have jury duty this week and am assigned to an eight day trial, so my days are pretty used up.  I will read through the comments in the next couple of days and give you an announcement of who won Kem’s book.  Sorry it won’t be today, the jury thing was a curve thrown in my direction.  As I told someone yesterday, they are all so good, I’m tempted to give each one of them a book (that means I’ll have to buy a couple.).  

So with today being a day when I knew I’d need to show up for the jury pool, I’ve done that so many times and then been excused, I thought that would happen again, but it didn’t.  So, give me an extra day or two here to get things sorted out and a winner chosen.

If you want to read Kem’s answer to my question, just look at Friday’s post!  I want to thank Kem again for choosing A Leader’s View as one of her blog stops.  It was an honor.  Once again if you want to read Kem’s other blog stops click on her name on the blogroll on the right.

Well that’s this leader’s view.




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