Sunday Evening Reflections:

What an incredible weekend.  You’ll see my reflections below.  Don’t forget Kem Meyer’s blog tour.  She visits A Leader’s View on Friday!  Those who have the best response to this question,“How can you best use Kem’s answer to facilitate communication in your organization?”  Will get a free copy of her new book, Less Clutter. Less Noise.: Beyond Bulletins, Brochures and Bake Sales.  I want to thank many of you for being regular readers of this blog.  Your interaction with me over these past several months have been very gratifying.  So on with the reflections.

  • Econo’me was our topic this weekend in our worship gatherings.  I’ll tell you our Worship Team knows how to rock.  The song just before Joe got up to speak was Money, Money, Money, Money!  You remember that old song don’t you?  What fun!  
  • The cafe set-up keeps getting better and better and better!  We have flat screen monitors now for PowerPoint, so no more holding song sheets.  I love the responsiveness of the group.  It’s really great.
  • After worship yesterday Louise & I took a woman out to lunch who has been attending for about 8 months.  She has gone through our Healing Season’s small group.  That’s a small group for women that have experienced abortions.  We’re big enough that someone like her doesn’t know any of our pastors yet she needs a pastor’s recommendation before she can start serving at a local crisis pregnancy center.  I’ll tell you, she has an awesome story of forgiveness and healing.  We have an incredible ministry to women who have gone through this trauma.  What a blessing it was to hear her story.  This last small group of Healing Seasons had five women in it.
  • A cruel blow!  That’s all I can say about Newcastle United’s relegation yesterday.  As I watched the BBC news and saw members of the Toon Army crying in the stands at Ashton Villa, it dawned on me how huge a blow this is to Newcastle.  Us Magpies will rally and if Shearer is our boss next year will survive.  What a class act he was yesterday.

Well that’s it from this leader.  Have a GREAT Memorial Day.  If you want some Memorial Day reflections click on Art Petty’s blog on my blog roll.  He made me think of my Dad who served in World War II.

Blessings on you all,



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