Sunday Evening Reflections:::

I have only one event to reflect on this Sunday evening — really Monday morning.  Running a little behind today.

We had a great LifePoint Men’s Summit this weekend.  165 LifePoint men gathered for a great weekend of worship, teaching and small group interaction.  There were Saturday afternoon activities too (skeet shooting, paint ball, softball, mountain biking, fly fishing, etc.) but I used that time to connect with guys conversationally.  And this time did a little business with our Local Impact Team leadership.

So Joe Duke, our Sr. Pastor, spoke on the theme of Stand!  It was broken into four teaching sessions:

Joe Duke's Teaching time

Joe Duke's Teaching time



  1. Stand-up:  This topic had to do with what it means to be a man.  To be a man, you need to resist the following
    1. Ignorance
    2. Passivity
    3. Fear
    4. Pride
  2. Stand-off:  We eventually will have a stand-off with God.  He will not meet our idea of what it means for Him to be the God of the universe.  There are three benefits of a stand-off with God.
    1. It forces us to confront our pre-conceived ideas about God.
    2. It moves us to interact with God.
    3. It actually positions us for great blessing from God.
  3. Stand Firm: Satan, our enemy, wants to suck the life out of us as men of God.  Standing firm does not mean to compare ourselves with other and take heart that we are not as bad as they, or relish in their failure.  There are dangers to spending too much time doing that.
    1. Danger of comparison
    2. Danger of emotional voyeurism
    3. Danger of a spiritual plateau
  4. Stand Together:  We as men of LifePoint need to stand together (Philippians 1:27).  We ended this teaching time in taking communion together.  When we took the cup we all stood and drank it together.  What a moving time that was. 

    Casual Conversation at the Summit

    Casual Conversation at the Summit

My small group was great.  I am continually impressed with the spiritually mature young men we have at LifePoint.  This group was made-up of men like that.  

Saturday evening after Joe’s talk the Elders had an opportunity to pray with those men who wanted to pray with us.  I think that time was as moving for me as it was for the guys I prayed with.  I’ll never forget it!

Lots of guys made this weekend a success.  Joe did an awesome job delivering four home runs.  Already looking forward to next year.

That’s this leader’s view.




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