The Unusuals vs. Mash:

Okay this isn’t a leadership post, but it’s something that’s been on my mind.  I watch Lost faithfully.  I do it on my laptop a day or two after it airs on Wednesday evening.  After Lost is a new program entitled The Unusuals it’s about precinct #2 in New York City.  I saw it on the listing of free episodes on the ABC website where I watch Lost.   As I’ve been watching it I’ve wondered why I like it so much.  And then watching one of the episodes it dawned on me it was a 21st century redo on Mash.  If you are watching The Unusuals see if you agree with these similarities.

  • You know the guy in Mash who does the loudspeaker announcements?  Well the female dispacther is like that guy.
  • Do you remember Ferret Face & Hot Lips?  Well Eddie Alverez and his wife are their counterparts.
  • Do you remember Hawkeye Pierce?  Well Walsh is that person.
  • Do you remember BJ?  Walsh’s partner could fill that role.
  • Remember Colonel Potter?  The Captain of the precinct plays that role.

Now The Unusuals is a one hour program so there is a lot more room for characters and character development, but still it reminds me of Mash.  One minute high drama, the next laughing your head off.  Themes of team and family are similar to Mash.

Just thought I’d share my musings with you.  That’s this leader’s view.




2 responses to “The Unusuals vs. Mash:

    • So why can’t you get into Lost? Have you started back at the beginning? That’s the place to start.
      Thanks for the comment.

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