Sunday Evening Reflections:

Greetings Everyone,

I am writing these reflections on Monday morning.  We had a late night last night.  You’ll see why below.  Hope you all had a great Mother’s Day.  Especially you mothers!


  • Adam Workman had a great teaching this weekend on The Mother Load sharing that mothers don’t need to carry their load of mothering alone, but that God can help us, not just Moms, to give the load to him.  Adam did a great job and we had awesome worship as well.
  • Rachel Fullen delivered Jaylen Grace during the Saturday evening service.  Jason was texting and tweeting me during the service.  I got up to close the service and read through the texts & tweets.  People cheered!  What fun.
  • We also had baby dedications this weekend.  Lots of babies and lots of pregnant women at LifePoint right now.
  • I had some great conversations with new people @ LifePoint this weekend.  It is so good to see being released to do ministry and them stepping up and making a huge impact.  
  • We left church early to drive to Philadelphia to have a late afternoon dinner with Louise’s Mom.  Mom Simons is 94 years old.  She turns 95 on July 16th!  We hung out and ended the evening playing Boggle!  I won, but Mom held her own.  She likes scrabble better.  So at 94 she is still enjoying playing mind stretching games.  At 8:40 we left Philly and drove down I-94 getting home @ 11:30 pm.  All-in-all a great day.

Well that’s this leader’s view.




2 responses to “Sunday Evening Reflections:

  1. Yes, we had a great time. Our worship #’s were 1560. That doesn’t include children. So we should be over 2100 again! What a blessing! Great to see how God is moving.
    Hope you have a great week.

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