Sunday Night Reflections:

We had a great weekend at LifePoint.  Also had a great weekend in the Baldwin family.  Hope all went well with you.

My Sunday night reflections:

  • I’m so proud of our daughter — Amanda Kay Baldwin — she walked 13.1 miles in the Indianapolis mini-marathon.  She kept me updated the whole way on twitter.  Our good friend Lisa Meharry walked with her.  It’s great to see what God does through our youngest.
  • We had a great baptismal service after our Saturday evening gathering @ LifePoint.  About 15 people were baptized.  We use a round hot tub in the worship center.  It’s pretty cool.  I twittered after the service that things like that never get old.  Great testimonies by them all.  God is @ work in the people of LifePoint.
  • We showed the Gary Haugen video from last year’s Leadership Summit this weekend @ LifePoint.  We’ll use a video like that from time-to-time as our teaching session.  I think we’re going to have a huge number of people moving out into the world making a difference after this weekend.  It was powerful.  Thank you Gary.
  • Louise went up to spend some time with her Mom, but made it back in time for the baptismal service.
  • We had an excellent community group meeting tonight.  We have a great group of people in our group.  We talked about the Haugen video and moving to the edge where God can use us more effectively in the days and weeks ahead.

Well that’s this leader’s view.  




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