To End All Wars:

We have a deal with Blockbuster.  For something like $9.95/year we can choose one movie a month from the older selections to watch.  It has been fun watching some of the older and not so older movies.  April 30th rolled around and we hadn’t gotten a movie yet for last month.  So Louise went to Blockbuster on Thursday and got “To End All Wars.”  It is an amazing movie.  It’s rated R.  I’m sure that’s for language and violence.  So what is the movie about?

Well it’s set during World War II in Burma/Thailand area.  It’s a POW camp with Brits and Americans.  They are forced to build a railroad through the jungle.  The Japenese captors are brutal.  As the movie unfolded it dawned on me it really was a Christian movie.  My friend Lance wishes Christians would make movies like this, well this one not only has Christian under tones, but over tones as well.  It’s all about loving your enemy, turning the other cheek, forgiveness.  The Bible plays a huge role in the movie.  It’s a victory of Christian themes over those of the world.

Well, I thought, there must be some Christians connected to this movie so I started surfing the web with the names of the director, producer, etc.  Well I hit pay dirt with the director.  His name is Donald L. Cunningham.  He has directed a lot of movies, many being documentaries.  He is the son of the founder of YWAM.  In the special feature section he talks about the purpose of the movie.  It was great.

I remember seeing the movie trailers and not once was it touted as a Christian film.  The acting was awesome.  Kiefer Sutherland is one of the main characters in the movie.  The attention to detail was unbelievable.  Even if you are not in for a Christian film, it depicts the POW camps of World War II very accurately.

The story is a true one.  In fact at the end the real hero of the movie is re-united with one of his captors.  In the special feature section Donald speaks about how powerful that was.  The Japenese captor thanked Earnest Gordon — the main character in the movie — for what he did for him.  

This post really doesn’t do justice to the movie.  I don’t recommend movies because of people’s sensitivity in this area, but if you can stand some big doses of violence and language you may want to watch it.  Lance this is your kind of movie!

That’s this leader’s view.




2 responses to “To End All Wars:

  1. Dave — thanks for this review. Sounds like a great movie. I think I’ll get it for my dad–he’d enjoy it. — Can’t wait to see you guys!!! — Carol.

  2. Hey thanks for the comment Carol. You may want to watch the movie first. It’s a bit raw. If your Dad likes stuff about World War II he should enjoy it. The Christian over-tones are great as well.
    Looking forward to July!

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