Sunday Night Reflections:

Boy another great weekend at LifePoint.  The weather was gorgeous and that may have accounted for being down a bit.  So what am I reflecting on?

  • The creative team does an awesome job putting our worship gatherings together.  After Joe’s last talk in the Come-as-You-are series we saw a video with four people telling their stories of coming as they are.  It was powerful.  I found myself crying and I don’t cry.
  • The video cafe continues to impress me.  People there are so involved in the message and the singing.  We are getting some flat screen monitors for PowerPoint so we don’t have to hold song sheets.  That should be sweet.
  • Had some great conversations with LifePoint people over the weekend.
  • I love the guy leading our Men’s Summit.  He is a real servant and I do believe we’re going to have an awesome weekend in May.
  • We had a newcomer’s dessert last night.  Thirty people showed.  It was good to hear people talk about what impresses them about LifePoint.
  • I hung out with Jason & Rachel, Lance & Amy @ Applebees afterward.  Good to hang out and talk.

Well that’s this leader’s view.  The great ride continues in this part of God’s Kingdom.  Hope you all had excellent weekends as well.




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