This is really my Sunday evening reflections post for the past weekend.  It was a good one.  I hope you pick-up on the Come-As-You-Are title in the posting.

  • Saturday morning we had a meeting with Oscar and Anna Maria Campos.  They are our partners in ministry in Guatemala.  They are both professors at SETECA (  It is a world class seminary not only for Latin America and really the world.  Oscar is the Academic Dean for the seminary.  It was a good time to hear their heart for ministry and what is happening at the seminary and around the world.
  • Saturday evening we had a great Gathering with more people than I expected on a beautiful spring 70’s temperature day.  Our Come-As-You-Are sermon series is at the half-way point.  What a great teaching time by Joe Duke.  Come-As-You-Are churches are focused on the following (You can go to to hear the talk in it’s entirety.):
    • Sinners are welcome.
    • Creating an environment that fosters transparency and admits struggle.
    • Exposes the confusion of “Churchianity.”
    • Helps people experience God in creative and relevant ways.
    • Relies and expects God to work beyond our abilities.  
  • This morning early we had our first meeting of the outreach leaders @ LifePoint.  What a great time to look to the future planning what God has in store for this area of ministry over the next three years.
  • Our worship gatherings were just electric this morning.  We had to use the video cafe twice this morning.  Our student ministries had their weekend 180 retreat.  All our sixth through twelfth graders were in the 9:00 am gathering.  What fun!
  • We announced the addition of Debbie Bachman to our ministry staff this weekend.  In our gatherings today people broke out in spontaeneous applause.  Elders gave me feedback this morning sharing we had made a wise choice putting her in that position full-time.  That means Amy Weisgerber moves into the pre-school director’s position permanently now.  What a staff team God is building @ LifePoint!
  • Tonight will be low attendance-wise in our community group.  A number of our group is away.  I’m looking forward to Goeff’s leadership though.  It’s his first time leading our group.

Well that’s this leader’s view this Sunday evening.  I hope your weekends were as uplifting and fulfilling as mine.




4 responses to “Come-As-You-Are

    • Thanks for your encouragement Roger. I never thought I’d be in the position I’m in working with the people with whom I’m working. It really is a lot of fun.
      Blogs like yours challenge me to be all I can be in leading and exciting enterprise like the local church. I am having the time of my life.

  1. And don’t forget those stylin’ shoes worn by the service host! They really added to the “ambience” and definitely took us up a few notches on the “fashion scale”!!! LOL!!

    Honestly, it was a great weekend! God is good!

    • Thanks for the affirmation. I’m not a fashion trend setter, so all the feedback I get from people like you really help.
      You are right it was a GREAT weekend.

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