Well Done:

I’ve been listening to a lot of E.S. Posthumus (http://www.esposthumus.com/) lately.  They are a group that writes pieces that sound a lot like huge Movie theme songs.  One after another after another after another.  I love listening to them on my ipod shuffle while driving.  In fact I’d encourage you to open up another Internet tab and go to their website and let the song that is playing there be in the background while you read the rest of this post.

So, I’ve also been thinking about when our family stands before the Lord.  I want all of us to hear those words from Jesus, “Well done!”  I want our family to hear those words.  So as I have been driving around I’ve pictured us coming out of the fog toward Jesus, sort of at the end of the movie, with one of those E.S. Posthumus songs playing in the background.  W’e’re walking toward Jesus and we’re laughing and looking at each other like we can’t believe it’s over and we’re arriving in the presence of Jesus (all the time E.S. Posthumus playing in the background).  And as a family we stand there waiting to hear those words.  

Think about your family today, not just you.  Are you resourcing, encouraging, challenging and praying for your family, so that you will all some day stand before Jesus and here those words, “Well done?”  Put on some E.S. Posthumus today and dream of what that day will be like for your family.  I guarantee it will bring tears to you eyes.  

That’s this leader’s view today.




4 responses to “Well Done:

  1. This blog post alone – my first read of any of yours – has made me add you to my google dashboard of fave blogs. I love not only the message (A LOT) but how you pulled another sensory experience into the post. WOW! Dave – thanks! I’m dreaming now. I’m also hoping, as I look into the clearing fog, that I see some very important people in my life here on earth there…but time and God will tell.

  2. This reminds me of my dear dad! He has a post-it note in his Bible next to the verse in III John “I have no greater joy than to know that my children walk in truth”. Each of our names is on that note–and then our spouses as we were married, and then our kids (his grandkids) as they came. We know that he prays for us each day and longs for us to stand–as a family-before the Lord and hear well done.

    What a treasure that post-it note is to our family. We are already fighting over who will get that regular old, well-worn, yellow post-it note when daddy goes to heaven someday!

    Thanks for the reminder Dave! In these (sometimes) long days of little kids/teenagers and homework and laundry and squabbles and practices, etc. it’s so easy to take my eyes off the “prize” of hearing “well done” from my Lord! And desiring the same for my kids!

    • Thank you for your story of the family ministry legacy your Dad is praying for. I’d love to meet him some day, if I haven’t already. I think we have some prayers and desires for our families in common.



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