Monday Morning Reflections:

Well this weekend was awesome.  The reflections below are evidence of how God met us in a strong way in our weekend gatherings.  This has been my best Easter yet!


  • Saturday evening two gatherings and children were higher in attendance than when we first moved to our site two plus years ago.  There was a good number of new faces mixed with our regulars.
  • Sunday morning was awesome.  Joe was preaching the message of Easter and I’m sure many were touched and moved across the line of faith.  I listened to a couple other Easter sermons over the weekend.  Joe’s was the best.
  • We had five gatherings this weekend and probably didn’t need the cafe, but those people did a great job.  We added a fourth camera — roving one — in the worship center which really made it come alive in the cafe  It was great!  And they worked on the sound to make it better as well.
  • We went over to Mike and Ann’s after church.  Had a great time playing games after lunch.  Speed scrabble I love to play, but am no good at it.
  • I watched NewSpring’s service on the web in the early evening.  We’ve talked about doing that in the future.  Watching it with those eyes made me realize it’s a lot more involved than I first thought.  Emailing them after the service produced some great responses and a good site to go to when we are ready to move in that direction.

So that was Easter weekend 2009.  Our children had great reports of their services as well.  

Hopefully I’m over jet-lag and ready to get into the swing of things in posting a bit more often. 

That’s this leader’s view.




2 responses to “Monday Morning Reflections:

  1. Glad you enjoy them Mom. Lots going on here, so never know when I’m posting again. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up on the Reflections post though.
    Love you lots,

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