Gerig’s Musings:

Don Gerig is a good friend of mine.  I served with him in Chicago while on staff at Calvary Memorial Church.  Don is an excellent leader and strategist when it comes to ministry.  We would go to a conference and on the way home brainstorm a whole new ministry initiative for Calvary.  Those were good days in the late 70’s and early 80’s. 

Well Don has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.  To chronicle his journey he has started a blog.  You can find his blog on my blogroll to the right.  I would encourage you to read through his posts.  I have been blessed by his words and thoughts.  He continues to minister to people even though he’s going through a tough time now.  He is truly a leader and one worth reading about.

That’s this leader’s view today.




2 responses to “Gerig’s Musings:

  1. I was Carolines roomate in college for several years..We have lost contact with them and just
    recently I learned of Don’s illness…I would love to get in touch with them and would appreciate having their email/mailing address and phone #.
    Thank you! dea

    • Hi Dea,
      This would be the tack I would take. Go to Gerig’s Musings and leave Don a message. He can give you the contact details. You can find his blog link on my blogroll to the right.

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