The Future Church of Ukraine:




We finished our fifth day of teaching at the Kiev Theological Seminary (KTS) in Kiev Ukraine.  Today we worked through the book Future Leader.  It was great to see how our class members worked through the book and applying it to the future of the church in Ukraine.  Ukraine is also experiencing the worldwide crisis that started in the west.  It was interesting to see how our students discussed issues that effect the universal church and specifically what is happening in Ukraine.


These students are the hope of the church in Ukraine and especially in their Christian Education and Youth ministries.  I believe the church will be in good hands.  It is a real privilege to be here and work with these special people.  Today’s picture is of one of our students.  Taras is a bi-vocational pastor.  He serves in a church in the Kiev Oblast.  He is the associate pastor working in the Christian Education and Youth area of his church.  

It’s fulfilling to think that the things we are experiencing at LifePoint we can share with people here.  LifePoint’s influence is reaching to Ukraine and that’s a cool thing.  




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