Student Ministry in Ukraine:

Today Lance Burch taught our class at Kiev Theological Seminary (KTS) on building a student ministry leadership team.  He did an excellent job.  I was taking notes along with everyone else.  The exciting thing is these students at KTS are so gifted and qualified we know they will be taking these principles back to their home churches and will implement them there.  One woman is from Donesk and another from Trans Carpathia.  Those are two very different regions of Ukraine.  The rest are from the Kiev Oblast.  All of them are serious about ministry, love God and are listening and discussing intently.  What a privilege to be among them.

The pictures here today are of Lance teaching.  My batteries went dead so I only took two pictures.  I have left other pictures on a site that one of our elders at LifePoint Church put together for me.  You can access that site at the following address: .  

Look for more updates tomorrow.  Thank you for following our adventure in Ukraine.



Lance teaching and Lena translating

Lance teaching and Lena translating


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