The 9-2-15 Principle:

I was looking over my notes this past week for the teaching time I’m doing in Ukraine next week.  I came across the 9-2-15 principle in my notes.  It has to do with how a vision is birthed in someone and how long it takes to prepare for it and then — thinking of God’s use of that vision — how long we are in the spotlight living out that vision.

I’ve thought about this principle many times since coming to Maryland.  At times in the past I thought I was stuck, not realizing the Lord was birthing a vision in me and helping me develop and feel strongly about it.  Many of us waste the time we believe is being wasted in our lives.  We don’t realize that if we are Christ followers not one minute of God’s time is wasted on our development and deployment.  It all works together and when we look back over the course of time we see that shaping and molding process that bring us to where we are today.

So, what is the 9-2-15 principle?  Well here goes.  Once someone has in their mind or catches a vision to climb Mt. Everest it takes 9 years before they are ready to actually climb the mountain.  It may include fund raising, getting into the best shape of one’s life, getting all the logistics lined up for the climb.

The 2 represents the months it actually takes to make the trip and climb the mountain.  It means going from one base camp to the next to the next till you are almost at the summit.

The 15 rpresents the minutes one actually spends at the summit.  A picture is taken, a flag is raised, congratulations are made and then it’s time to start down the mountain.  Wow, 15 minutes.  That’s it!  9 years and 2 months for 15 minutes.

Relatively speaking many are enjoying their 15 minutes right now.  The last number of years has prepared us for these 15 minutes.  I need to remember to steward these minutes well and not waste them.  I need to pull as many people on to the summit with me.  You can’t climb the summit alone.  These 15 minutes will have an eternal impact for God.

So where are you.  Are you at the 9 or 2 stage or are you at the 15 minute summit.  Where ever it is don’t lose your whits, but keep focused on the summit.  And once there stay as long as God allows.

That’s this leader’s view.




2 responses to “The 9-2-15 Principle:

  1. Hey no problem Lisa. Lance & I just taught that principle to our class at Kiev Theological Seminary today.
    Hope all is well.



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