Sunday Evening Reflections:

Okay so it’s Monday morning!  Sorry bout that.  It was a crazy good weekend.  So here are my reflections on the weekend.

  • Friday evening and Saturday the elders met in retreat.  We covered future building expansion, traffic concerns and our Gather Grow Serve strategy.  It was just a good time to be with the elders and seek the heart of God for LifePoint Church.  We were on Tilgman Island.  The home we stayed in — thank you Jim and Sue — was right on the Chesapeake.  What a great time with these guys and God!
  • We skipped church Saturday evening and attended a birthday party for our next door nieghbor.  It was a good time of connecting with people.  
  • Sunday morning was busy.  I met with Mike and Joe to discuss a potential course on expanding the world view of people @ LifePoint.  It was very productive.
  • I met with our communion service leadership between services.  These guys are great and want to serve our body through this important ministry.  Our next communion is on Palm Sunday weekend.
  • The Video Cafe was exciting as usual.  There were lots of people there and Lance did a great job teaching from Colossians 2.  Boy is he funny!
  • After the morning I taped a greeting for our community group leadership meeting coming up a week from Thursday.  I’ll be in Ukraine at that point, so taped a greeting to those people.  Jeff knows how to transform my office into a video studio!  What fun.
  • Our community group meeting was good last evening.  We discussed Nehemiah 7.  We are using a study that took that chapter to discuss family.  What we thought would be a sleeper of a study ended up being quite encouraging to us all.  I am so thankful for the family God has given me!

Well that’s it!  What a weekend.  I hope yours was as good and fulfilling as mine.

That’s this leader’s view.




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