Leadership in Ukraine (cont’d.):

Here we are now on day four of what we’ll be teaching in Kiev, Ukraine.  We are still on vision and passion for ministry.  These ideas come not only from Visioneering by Andy Stanley, but through some of the spiritual gifts materials I have read that are available today.  So here goes:

  • Sorting out God’s vision for your life and ministry:
    • Questions you can begin working on:
      • What is bothering you?
      • What is the solution?
      • What should be?
      • Have any of your burdens begun to feel like a moral imperative?
      • IF I throw away all of the excuses, what am I truly passionate about?
      • At the moments when I feel most alive, what am I doing?
      • What would I do for FREE because I love it so much?
      • At the end of my life, what would I love to be able to look back and know that I’d impacted or changed?
    • Difficulties to helping us discover our vision.
      • Ignorance
      • No past experience
      • Negative relationships
      • Unrepentant sin
      • Pride
      • Confused with Gifts/Style
      • Low self-esteem
      • Fear
    • Things that cloud our vision.
      • Life experience
      • Outside expectations
      • Theologies
      • Dysfunction
      • Family structure
      • Issues
    • Assessing your passion:
      • If you could snap your fingers and know that you wouldn’t fail, what would you do for others?
      • What do you repeatedly see that annoys or angers you, which if changed, would be ore glorifying to God and edifying to others?

This will be a great session and probably quite new to the people in our class.  How would you answer these issues?  Do you know what God’s vision for your life is?  Do you know what your passions and gifts are?  These are really important things to nail down in our lives.

Now for a Ukraine story…. hmm, let me see….  Twenty-two of us attended the dedication of the Baptist Church in Vinnitsa that we had helped build (see picture).  The service was four hours long and there was nine sermons! Vinnitsa Baptist Church It was awesome and exhausting.  The twenty-five hundred seat sanctuary was standing room only and the service was broadcast live on the Oblast radio system.  It’s a time I’ll never forget.

Well that’s this leader’s view.




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