Leadership in Ukraine:

In a couple of weeks Lance Burch and I travel to Ukraine to teach in a seminary there.  We’ll be teaching a course that deals with leadership in the local church.  I did this two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it.  There is a Holy Spirit vortex in Ukraine that is unmistakable.  Believers there are doing great things for God.  So it is a privilege to spend two weeks teaching on this subject that is so dear to my heart.  

Lance will be reviewing a book the class is assigned to read and also giving good direction on how to lead student ministries in the local church.  The overall theme is looking at the leadership style of Nehmiah and gleaning ideas  from his life.  We’ll be using the book Visioneering, by Andy Stanley.  If it’s like last time we are going to have fun.  If you don’t mind I’ll share my notes with you over these next several weeks.  That will help me get ready for the teaching time in Kiev as well as share some insights with you all from the life of Nehemiah.  

My experience in Ukraine goes back some seventeen years.  I first travelled to this great country in July of 1992.  Our son Eric went with me.  It was a life changing experience.  The older leadership of the Ukrainian church was refined in the crucible of communism.  I have friends in Ukraine whose parents were taken away by the KGB in the middle of the night and never heard from again.  These men and women are the backbone of the church today.  

I love the city of Kiev.  It is called the city of the golden domes.  There are so many beautiful Orthodox churches in the city it’s just breath-taking.  There are priests interred in these buildings that died before Columbus discovered America.  That’s how old some of these buildings are.

So starting Monday I’ll give you a brief overview of a lesson and then share a story about my Ukrainian experiences with you.  It will be fun for me.  Hopefully it will be for you too.

Well that’s this leader’s view.




2 responses to “Leadership in Ukraine:

  1. So glad you are able to go and glad you will be able to “infect” someone else w/ the Ukraine bug. 🙂 It’s definitely contagious!

  2. Yes, and I believe you probably still have it! You know we could use someone with an administrative gift to go along. There’s still time!
    See you soon,
    Brother Dave

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