Sunday Night Reflections:

Perry Noble does a Sunday Night Reflections on his blog, so I thought I’d start one on mine.  It gives me some reflective time regarding the events of the weekend.  I didn’t get it posted last night, but hopefully first thing this morning works.
  • Great worship Saturday evening.  Joe taught part 2 in the Simply Jesus series (Colossians 1:19-29).
  • Joe’s two concluding questions were:
    • God has placed me on the planet to …?
    • I am living out this purpose by …?
  • For me the way I would answer those two are as follows:
    • God has placed me on this planet to equip seekers to become all they can be in Christ and to network with like-minded ministries around the world.
    • I am living out this purpose by being the Pastor of Ministries at LifePoint Church and by praying daily for our children and grand children, thinking of ways I can help them fulfill God’s purposes in their lives.
  • Hung out with great people after the gathering.  We have fun people @ LifePoint.
  • A bunch of elders went to LCBC Harrisburg to see how they do satellites.  We had a good discussion on the way back.  It would be doable for long term growth @ LifePoint.  We are so glad we belong to a church like LifePoint that’s for sure.
  • Tonight our community group met.  We are in Nehemiah and were studying the 5th chapter of this great book.  What an example of a servant leader.  Nehemiah did what was right in serving his people and not what was culturally acceptable.  He lead with integrity.  He truly was a transformational leader.  He challenged people to put aside their agendas and focus on the main one of rebuilding the wall.  His major Transformational tool was Idealized Influence.  Nehemiah practiced what he preached.

Well that’s the leader’s view of this past weekend’s experiences.




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