Team Meetings:

We had our weekly team meeting today.  It was GREAT!!  As I wrote in my profile piece, I serve with the greatest team on the planet.  So team meetings are usually really good.

We met at one of our staff member’s homes today.  Below you’ll find our staff agenda.  This is my rationale for leading the meeting.  We have such gifted leaders on our team, I look at my role as the one who chooses that topics we need to discuss, tee them up and let our team take a whack at how things need to go.  I find myself steering the ship, but the team doing most of the discussing and ideating.  

So our agenda:

  1. Leadership Lessons:  We always start out discussing a leadership principle or lesson from a blog or book.  Today we started discussing the book Simply Strategic Growth written by Tim Stevens and Tony Morgan.  The book is about 99 chapters long but only two to three pages per chapter.  We discussed the first two chapters today.  It’s a good read and I recommend it to your team as a book to read.  The first two chapters addressed some issues we are working on presently so it was a good discussion.
  2. Strategic Implementation Discussion:  We are presently working on the strategic implementation of our discipleship process.  It’s a process we worked out after reading the book Simple Church.  This book is written by Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger.  The premise of the book is that discipleship and church growth happens in churches that are process driven not program driven.  So at LifePoint our discipleship is encapsulated in three words: Gather, Grow, Serve.  If you fully engage in these three environments at LifePoint Church and practice personal spiritual disciplines you will most likely become a Christ-like influencer.  So, we are forming teams to move to the next level and plan the next three years in how we will implement this strategy of discipleship.  Great discussion and ideas today.
  3. Performance Appraisal Discussion:  I informed the team that during our one-on-ones I was going start giving them feedback on their performance.  With appraisals coming up in April, I didn’t want them to be suprised by anything.  They are all doing a great job, so the areas of improvements are more tweaks than major issues.  They have written goals for this year and based on their goals and job descriptions that will be the basis for the feedback and appraisal.  It was a bit quiet in the room at that point.
  4. Midweek Building Access/Security Discussion:   We have an issue with people propping doors open in the evenings.  That makes our buildings not as secure as we would like.  So, that was that discussion.  From the sublime to the rediculous, that’s all have to say about that.

By this time we had gone past the time for lunch by about an hour, so we broke and ate a great delicious lunch.  Cream of crab soup and salad was awesome.  We just had a great time talking and sharing and laughing and affirming one another.  The discussion and work on a team covenant — the only thing left on the agenda — can wait till another time.

I love leading this group of people.  Through the power of the Holy Spirit we are seeing great things happen at LifePoint.  Without them, it would be impossible.

So how do your team meetings go?  Are they productive?  Do you enjoy the people you work with?  I’d like to hear some of your stories.

Well that’s this leader’s view.




2 responses to “Team Meetings:

  1. Please forgive me, but as soon as I read your second sentence, I knew you were the leader of the meeting. It’s been my experience that only the person who runs the meeting actually comes out with this kind of attitude. That is because, though the leader’s needs for efficacy and autonomy are being filled by the meeting, the followers often have to give up some of their autonomy and effectiveness in order for this to happen. This might be inherent in the structure of a meeting itself. If the other members of the team actually get to call and run meetings, you might want to look at your own emotions at the end of one of them.

    • Ouch! You are right, I was leading the meeting. Do you really think people have an entirely different view of what happens in a meeting Rick? That makes me feel lousy. What would be your suggestion. I am the leader. Should I let someone else lead from time-to-time to get the feel of what it would be like to be led? I am part of a management team where I don’t lead the meeting, someone else does. I’ll have to think that through. Have I ever said, “It was GREAT!!!”? I don’t know if I ever have.
      So, what do you think I should do differently? I appreciate your time to give feedback. I’d love to hear your ideas. Thanks so much for posting a comment.

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