A Different Kind of Delegation:

Why should we delegate?  Well the conventional answer to that question is to get smaller tasks or tasks we’re not as good at off our plate so that we can do the things we’re good at and have the time to do.   I would suggest that is a view that seems short-sighted.  From a transformational leader’s position there is another reason why delegation is important.  If you’ve been following my postings you’ll remember I discussed the four “I’s” of transformational leadership.  One of those four “I’s” is Intellectual Stimulation.  I think that gives us another reason to delegate.  Have you thought of looking at those who report to you directly and see where they need to grow in their expertise or experience in your organization?  Have you thought about delegating some things to them that will help them grow in their expertise and ability to perform at a higher level?  

Obviously delegating based on this reasoning takes a bit more time.  First, it leaves you with some things that may not be in your strong suit to work on while your person is taking on that challenging project you delegated to him.  It may mean you do some things that others would ordinarily do, but you really want this person to grow in their understanding of a certain task or area of your organization.  Second, it will probably mean more supervision time.  You are giving them something they need to grow in and so you meet with them more frequently to check progress and understanding of the project.  Your one-on-one times will need to be augmented by more frequent meetings to discuss progress on the project.   Remember, too, that it’s not just about the project, but about your direct report as well.  Obviously we all want things done excellently, but we also want people growing in their ability to contribute to the organization.

Take an inventory of where your direct reports need to grow.  Then start looking for projects you can delegate to them that will help them do just that, grow in their ability to contribute to the organization.

We that’s this leader’s view.




4 responses to “A Different Kind of Delegation:

    • Roger,
      As I was reading your post what came to my mind was the book The Starfish and the Spider by Ori Brafman and Rod A. Beckstrom. I don’t know if you’ve read this book yet, but it’s a must read for anyone thinking along the lines of delegation and collaboration. A Starfish organization is decentralized and if cut off from the core can continue to grow and expand. A Spider organization needs to keep control in the center. If you keep cutting off legs it will eventually die.
      Starfish organizations through a decentralized approach, giving away authority to its divisions and other entities will flourish and grow and be hard to contain.
      Does that make sense? I think you have given me the seeds of another post, so stay tuned. I’ll post this reply on your blog as well.

    • Dear Kristen,
      Thanks for commenting on the post and I guess blog. I am trying to blog on a regular basis and I do enjoy leadership topics. I also love LifePoint Church.
      If it’s okay I’ll put your blog on my blog roll. I am so glad you guys are here at LifePoint! Say Hi to Mike for me.

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