A Compelling Purpose:

So, you are going to work on putting together a real team.  Well once you have recruited them, make sure you give them a compelling purpose.  There are three things that mark compelling purposes for teams (Once again these are taken from the book I mentioned yesterday, Senior Leadership Teams.):

  1. A Challenging Purpose: The purpose for your team needs to be challenging, but not impossible.  I have been watching a lot of World War II movies lately.  Toward the end of the war the Germans had challenges that were impossible, but they were still expected to accomplish them.  You can’t expect your team to double productivity or attendance within a very short period of time.  It demoralizes the team.
  2. A Consequential Purpose: This is the other side of the Challenging Purpose coin.  If your team does have a mundane task to accomplish, make sure it is tied back to the overall purpose of the organization.  We have a problem with dead flies in our lobby.  To collect dead flies on Sunday mornings before people arrive seems quite mundane in and of itself, but when it’s tied to our mission of giving everyone that walks through our doors for our weekend services a WoW experience within their first ten minutes with us, then it rises to one of the important things that need doing on Saturdays and Sundays.
  3. Clarity is Key:  Team drift begins when the mission and vision of the team starts to blur.  It is a constant struggle to keep people focused on our mission and vision.  It takes courage to tell well meaning people we are not going to do their great program or implement their fantastic idea.  We are here to do the mission.  Just because you have a good idea, doesn’t mean it fits our mission.  Also, team members need to commit themselves to excellence in executing the strategy to see the mission to fruition.  It takes courage to confront a team member who isn’t doing the quality of work or ministry you have called them to do.

So, what is the compelling purpose of your real team?  Once you have this figured out you are on your way to seeing results that will be lasting.  Have a great journey toward your vision as you implement your mission.

Well that’s this leader’s view.




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