Remember what I wrote yesterday? Today we take a break from discussing the four facets of Transformational Leadership and look at a concept that emerges when you bundle the first two together. A person who exhibits strong Idealized Influence and Inspirational Motivation is one who is said to have charisma.

However, the manner in which transformational leadership theorists define charisma is different than how we use the word many times.  Many times we classify someone as being charismatic if they talk with authority and look and act the part.  We seem to look at a person and state that he or she is charismatic.  That’s not how the transformational leadership theorist defines charisma.  They define charisma as a gift given to the leader by his followers. Leadership is a gift. It is given by the followers to the leader in transformational settings. We have all known of leaders who grasped authority or power from their followers, but a true transformational leader is given that gift by the followers in her charge.  Read through the last two day’s postings and see why followers would give people that exhibit those kinds of personal traits the gift of leadership (charisma).

I think it was George Slavin (former pastor of Highland Park Baptist Church in suburban Detroit, MI) who once said, “Great pastors don’t make great churches. Great churches make great pastors.” From a transformational perspective he was right.

Are you leading in such a way today that your followers have given you the gift of leadership? As a follower have you given that gift to the one attempting you lead you? If you have, transformational things are about to happen, in you, in your leader and in the organization you both serve.

That’s this leader’s view.

Many Blessings,


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