The Second “I”

Today we are looking at the second “I” of Transformational Leadership. Yesterday we looked at Idealized Influence. You can look at yesterday’s post to catch-up with our discussion before moving on to Inspirational Motivation.

2. Inspirational Motivation: This aspect of transformational leadership articulates vision through words and symbols and gives ideas on how it (the vision) can be achieved. Nehemiah was a master at practicing this facet of transformational leadership. With Nehemiah sharing the vision for rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and sharing that through words and symbols he was able to share a way to get the work done. And in a miraculous way the wall was rebuilt in fifty-two days. I’m sure Nehemiah’s followers heard him when he said that he could not go down to speak with Tobiah and Sanbalat. He sent them a message that the work was too great. Transformational leaders are masters at sharing not only the vision and mission of an organization, but they give followers ideas on how to see the vision and mission come to fruition.  Nehemiah not only used persuasive words with the people of Jerusalem, but he also had a plan of action.  And it worked!

So where are you with this facet of transformational leadership? Do you have a clear vision of your mission and can you articulate it to your followers? What plans do you have to see this vision become reality? Can you share this plan with your followers in such a way they understand it and want to work with you to see it become a reality?

Well tomorrow we’ll take a look at how these two facets of transformational leadership work together to create something else in our leadership arsenal.




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