Once every three months I go to D.C. and spend an evening with like-minded managers. Yes, I know this is a blog on leadership, but transformational leadership includes a good bit of management acumen. That’s something I’m lacking in. When I discovered that (by reading a book on transformational leadership), I started looking through the web and came across It has been a treasure trove of ideas and strategies in the management arena.

Well, there is an online community of us who listen to the podcasts by Mike & Mark and email and post and discuss the ideas they bring up. This online community numbers over 30,000 people. I have developed a great relationship with Noel Tan who is a leadership consultant in Singapore. When I was there in November we got together for lunch. There are also meet-ups all around the world. The Baltimore/D.C. Meet-up happens about every three months. Last Thursday evening was our meet-up. We met at the Bethesda, MD McCormick’s and Schmidt’s in a back corner. It was a fast 2.5 hour time together. We talked about management challenges we have, the best tools from we have discovered and used recently. We literally come from all kinds of businesses and enterprises. The great thing about our meet-up is Mike of Manager-Tools usually joins us. So a lot of the time is spent picking his brain about ideas and strategies.

If you don’t have a non-church outlet for the leadership and management ideas and concerns you have, I strongly encourage you to think about joining a group like this. In fact we have become a small group of sorts. One participant just had a baby boy and we brought gifts for his son last night. It was great!

The meet-up also gives you access to individuals who see the issues you are facing through fresh eyes. I got help on several things I’m facing in ministry. It was managers from government and industry that were giving me tips. It was great.

So anyway that’s this leaders view today. Hope you all are viewing your leadership roles through fresh perspectives also.




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