A Follower’s View:

During our Community Group meeting two Sunday evenings ago it became evident to me that many of our people didn’t think they were making a difference in our church. We are studying Nehemiah and many of them would love to have that kind of impact, but just don’t see it happening in their ministries.
I shared with them how large we were as a church, how many lives are being changed and the number of people that are being affected through our ministry. I went around the room and shared with each of them how their contribution helped us be the church we are and want to become.
It was like you could see a visible change in their affect and posture. It was as if I had shared the best news of the day with them. One person even mentioned a leadership team she attends for her ministry, even wondering why she is included. After my words, she could see how her “little” contribution was a part of what was making us great!
One of the pinions of Transformational Leadership is giving your followers a reason for why their jobs [ministries in our case] contribute to the whole. Obviously we hadn’t done a great job with those sitting in my living room that Sunday evening.
So as Transformational Leaders what are we to do? Well the most obvious is give those that are following you a better view. Find out what a follower’s view is like in your organization. Work at making their view the most exciting, important one you can. And then see what happens in their role in the organization.


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